strawberryskin (strawberryskin) wrote,

the company i work for piss me off so much. ok, i'm only there while i figured out what i wanted to do and made some cash, but i still work real hard for them. 80 hour weeks, coming in on holidays/days off, making sure lots of stuff gets done while i'm there etc etc. so today, i'm still sick, it's moved into a chest cold, i have to catch a flight to birmingham tomorrow night and someone's kickboxing in my head. so i figure, call into work today, tell them you can't do the 6.30am-2.30pm shift tomorrow (which, for the record, is overtime as I *am* on holidays this week, my first proper holiday in a year..) apologise, and since i'm giving them plenty of notice to find cover i thought it'd be ok. non. my super was offhand, rude, and saying thanks in a sarcastic tone. so now i feel guilty. incredibly guilty for taking tomorrow off cos i'm sick!! that sucks and makes me angry.

even though i'm sick i'm going to the social care meeting tonight. this is a brilliant opportunity and i can't miss it, even if i will be snuffling and coughing throughout.
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